Sunday, April 10, 2016

Staying On Your Toes

The life of the IX Series has experienced some ups and downs this week - thankfully, with a positive ending. One of my readers spotted a formatting error, (every writer's nightmare),
and all the more so as the master template was error free when submitted for printing.

(I'm sure I'm not the first author to have experienced such hiccups when delving into the world of hi-tech production - and I won't be the last).

The more frustrating thing was, eBook versions were unaffected. The gremlins involved in knocking things out of key seemed to like the taste of the paperback versions. And even then, just the words hidden within one particular chapter? (Spooky with a capital spoooo)

I know - I had visions of Skynet infiltration myself. Especially as some examples produced whole chunks of bold italics. Another just four words...or one word...or none? (I never knew printing machines had to be caffeinated to work properly).

In any event - thank you to AsISeeEm (he or she must be shy) for spotting the glitch and letting us know so quality could be maintained.

And a special thank you goes to Terry Crotinger.
After reading The IX, Terry was good enough to leave a review on Amazon and made a comment about how much he'd like to see what happened to the other/previous 8 intakes to be selected from Earth and taken to Arden.

Ever since reading it, I've been giving the idea serious consideration.
(Terry - if you read my blogs, stay in touch, I may have news for you in the future)

That's it for this week,
and remember

Stay on your toes...Skynet is watching

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