Sunday, June 5, 2016

The IX Series - World Building - Part 12

Hello Again.
Hopefully, by now you'll be getting to know Exordium quite well. As you no doubt remember from last week, we zoomed in on Origen, the only major continent to grace the once beautiful world that was reduced to nothing more than a dust bowl by the advent of the Horde.

Those who have read Exordium of Tears know that most of the action takes place on the Elvetine Peninsula, a place where Arden's top scientists established the CIART
(Cosmological Institute of Advanced Research and Technology)

Do you remember the brief description given in the story when our adventurers first touched down on the plateau? Here it is again:
Their landing site was once the quadrangle of the facility, occupying a huge open space in the center of four main buildings. Freshly downloaded plans from Exordium’s database showed them to include a laboratory and teaching wing to the north, with a combined astrometrics and deep-space observatory overlooking the plains to the south; an impressive administration block to the east and even larger habitat/recreation center, due west, completed the setup.
The Ballarat had dropped them off fifteen minutes ago, and Mohammed had been keen to make his way to the power plant some four hundred yards beyond the campus precincts: If another override net-link existed inside, the legion’s task would become much simpler.
You no doubt imagined what this facility looked like in your own minds?
Well, here's something to help...
(And don't worry about the size. Just click on the image and it will enlarge)

When the task force first lands, they have to take control of a small power sub station just south of the peninsula. Then, after five of the six cave mouths are sealed off, and all three sinkholes mined, the Legion moves in through the most westerly entrance to engage the Horde Masters underground.
Meanwhile, Mohammed and the Special Forces team head up to the CIART to commence their assault of the main power station just beyond the precincts of the facility.

Once again, you'll see a few details that never make it into the story...(Free of charge)
hee hee.

What comes next? - Ah you'll have to wait for Prelude of Sorrow for that...but rest assured, it will be worth the wait.

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