Sunday, July 31, 2016

The IX Series
Out of this World

If you haven't managed to journey into the world of The IX Series yet, here are a few little pointers to help you decide if this might be the adventure for you:

Introduced to the world back in January 2015, the series still dominates the Goodreads Charts, holding the #1 slot in thirteen categories, and maintaining a top 5 position in thirteen more.

The trials and tribulations of the Ninth Legion and their comrades have been highly acclaimed worldwide - reaching #1 in the USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, and the UK repeatedly in the last 18 months.

Leaders in the field of speculative fiction: Black Gate, Amazing Stories, Epicstream, and Fanboy Comics to name a few, have also critically acclaimed the series, comparing it to the likes of works by Jerry Pournelle & Gordon Dickson.

You know what to do...

And please, ENJOY.

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