Sunday, March 13, 2016

The IX Series

This time around, I thought I'd share some of the responses received during the week. 
As you'll see, they've been very encouraging.

For example:
The IX and Exordium of Tears have been in the Amazon top 10 in Canada, New Zealand & Australia, peaking at #2 in Canada itself.

Thank you so much to the fans out there for making that possible.

On top of that, both books continue to dominate the Goodreads charts in their categories.

Here are some brief excerpts from recent reviews:

Suffice it to say, Andrew Weston and The IX are ranking as my find of 2016

A book you need to read

Fascinating subject matter and guaranteed to make you think. Highly recommended!
A stunning effort by Weston

I love it when an author has the courage to step outside the box and try something different. This is exactly what you get here with Weston's, The IX

Excellent concept and gripping story. Awesome!
Impossible to put down

It follows the same crisp and beautiful writing style of its predecessor
Andrew P. Weston has given us yet another stellar masterpiece from his epic arsenal

 Take the step, and find out why the IX Series is proving so populat

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