Wednesday, December 26, 2018

End of Year Revelations

For those who have followed the IX Series since its inception back in 2015, I think you’ll agree, it’s been a blast! To think that an idea spawned by true events, and mingled with a sprinkling of mythology here and a touch of fiction there, would grow into an epic critically acclaimed by some of the leading lights of speculative fiction – and enjoyed by readers from across the globe – still warms my heart, even now.

And it’s the readers especially that I’d like to thank, for they proposed a wonderful suggestion I’ve been chewing over for some time.

Yes, by way of review, messenger and email, fans kept asking if I’d ever considered writing more about the world of the IX, and in particular, those events leading up to the summoning of the Ninth Legion. Was it really necessary to call them? How did the previous intakes fail so badly? What was the fall of Arden like? And how did the Horde rampage manage to catch a civilization at the height of its power, one that had existed for more than twelve thousand years, by surprise?

When those queries started arriving, I must confess, I found it rather flattering. To think that I had touched readers deeply enough for them to want to delve into the history behind the IX was a dream come true. That’s what every author strives to do.
However, as the volume of those inquiries increased, I began to give them serious consideration. I thought about it some more and raised the question with the esteemed Janet Morris, owner of Perseid Press.

The result?

It is with a great deal of pleasure – and not a little trepidation – that I announce the undertaking of a new venture into the IX Universe. Starting in January 2019, I will begin laying the foundations of an IX “origins” story whereby the questions raised above – and more – will be answered.

It’s going to be a long ride, but I look forward to seeing where the journey eventually takes us.

(Stay tuned to my website and blog for more details/titles, etc, as things progress)

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