Saturday, February 6, 2016

The IX - A Cover Story Waiting to be Told

Last time around, I discussed how each of my covers tells a story. Good news if you ever want to get a hint of what’s coming.
How so?
Well, let’s get a little reminder of the blurb used in The IX.

Roman legionnaires, far from home, lost in the mists of Caledonia.
A  US cavalry company, engaged on a special mission, vital to the peace treaty proposed by Presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln.
A twenty-first century Special Forces unit, desperate to prevent a nuclear catastrophe.
From vastly different backgrounds, these soldiers are united when they are snatched away from Earth at the moment of their passing. Thinking they may have been granted a reprieve, imagine their horror when they discover they have been transported to a failing planet on the far side of the galaxy, where they are given a simple ultimatum. Fight or die. Against all odds, this group of misfits manages to turn the tide against a relentless foe, only to discover the true cost of victory might exact a price they are unwilling to pay.
How far would you be willing to go to stay alive?
The IX.
Sometimes, death is only the beginning of the adventure.

Now take a look at the cover. What’s it telling you?

Bold as brass, the Roman Numerals and the letters SPQR tells you straight away the inspiration behind the story. The legendary lost 9th Legion of Rome, an entity comprised of more than five thousand men who walked into the mists of Caledonia circa AD 100 A.D. and were never seen again. But as the story evolves, other facets begin to stand out:
For example, the quantum gateway that snatches our heroes from Earth also shifts them through time. Do you note the elements relating to the passage of the centuries by the weathering on the stonework of the IX itself? It’s crumbling, and the silvered edging is tarnished to black in places. But how long has passed? Ah, will we ever know?
The quantum gateway I mentioned. Do you see it in operation? The blue-white prisms symbolized in beams of light that split the lens of reality as the mortality cipher locks onto its next victims. The lilac hue as the transporter begins its arcane process, shifting vast armies through light-years of space.

And have you ever wondered on the strange patterns within the thickest shaft of light? Well, that’s a representation of Ardenese DNA, the key to the future as the re-genesis template goes to work, creating a metamorphosis of wondrous scope.
But much more is revealed as the story unfolds, for our heroes are the ninth and final intake to be selected, Arden’s last hope in her hour of need. What’s more, some of our protagonists are dream walkers; spirit counselors who help guide our refuges through the trials and tribulations before them. Of note is the fact that our antagonists, the Horde, have their own equivalent of such shamans, Ix walkers. Yes, connections abound, and are all blended perfectly together in a cover that is as rich in meaning as it is in color.

All thank to Roy Mauritson for a fantastic representation of my thoughts.
So, baring my process in mind...Remember, the buy links are at the side of the page...

The IX

Exordium of Tears


I bet you can’t wait to move on to The IX – Exordium of Tears. It’s out on February 14th, but what clues will you get from the cover?

Aha…See you in a week. J

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