Sunday, February 21, 2016

The IX Series - Making Waves

Well, it's been a week since Exordium of Tears, the latest book in the IX series, was released. I thought you might enjoy a little round-up of what impact it's made.

The IX maintains its grip, holding the #1 spot in 13 categories, and a top five place in nearly a dozen more. (Pleasing indeed). 
The astounding thing is, Exordium of Tears has already moved into the top five in no less than six different slots.
AND - has actually reached the #1 spot on one of the Sci-Fi shelves.

Most excellent news.

Exordium started off really well, peaking at #22 in the first few days, and ranking in various other countries around the world. The IX seemed to follow along, reaching #9 in Canada. (So, "thank you" to the fans out there)
A healthy start indeed.

Now the print version of Exordium has started to roll out, we hope to see a difference to people like me, who prefer to hold an actual book in their hands...speaking of which...

I'm delighted to announce the Hard Cover for The IX is now available too.

All in all - The Ninth are surfing the waves of success in their far-flung corner of the universe.
I hope they make the most of it...The Horde intend to bring a riptide of hate their way sometime soon.

If you're not already a fan of The Ninth, 
just click on the links and find out why the IX Series will rock your world. 

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